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Simple, Delicious Stirfried Kale

Vanessa Hathaway
Founder, Your Custom Beauty

By Ree thepioneerwoman.com

This beautiful, bright green side dish is in my second cookbook and remains one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I’ve been on a kale kick for probably two years now, and I never, ever get tired of the stuff. It just makes you feel like Wonder Woman. Or Super Man. Whichever fits. I’ve been wanting to post the recipe here on my site for those of you who might not have seen it yet. It’s to die for!

The great thing about kale is, it’s most delicious when prepared very simply: Just throw it into a sizzling skillet with olive oil and garlic, and a world of glory will open up for you! If you haven’t yet become addicted to kale, just try this. Just once.

You’ll be hooked immediately.

To get this fabulous recipe and step-by-step directions, click here

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