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Styling Tools/ Accessories

Styling Tools/ Accessories

    Amazon.com Price: $ 7.95
    As of 08:20 AM CST
    Super soft intelliflex bristles Detangle…
      Amazon.com Price: $ 8.13
      As of 06:40 AM CST
      Ball-tipped nylon pins in a…
        Amazon.com Price: $ 9.99
        As of 03:55 PM CST
        Boar bristles improve the health…
          Size: 12 clips/set
          Amazon.com Price: $ 12.98
          As of 09:50 PM CST
          The metal blade on bottom…
          Amazon.com Price: $ 14.25
          As of 03:55 AM CST
            Slim design and three…
            Amazon.com Price: $ 16.00
            As of 12:30 PM CST
            Patented design lisse crepe-style microfiber…
              Amazon.com Price: $ 24.99
              As of 09:10 AM CST
              Perfect for detangling wet hair;…
                Amazon.com Price: $ 26.00
                As of 11:35 PM CST
                Comb without the ripping or…
                Amazon.com Price: $ 33.95
                As of 11:45 PM CST
                Up to 50% faster drying…
                  Amazon.com Price: $ 44.00
                  As of 04:40 PM CST
                  World Famous Hand Crafted Ibiza…
                    Amazon.com Price: $ 49.99
                    As of 11:30 AM CST
                    Temperature control: Choose from 9…
                      Amazon.com Price: $ 79.99
                      As of 12:55 AM CST
                      Stellar combination of power, speed…
                        Amazon.com Price: $ 79.99
                        As of 07:40 AM CST
                        Berta Professional Hair Straightener, The…
                          Amazon.com Price: $ 89.00
                          As of 10:40 AM CST
                          Offers full styling capability in…
                            Amazon.com Price: $ 120.00
                            As of 12:40 PM CST
                            Effortlessly creates smooth hair in…
                              Amazon.com Price: $ 139.95
                              As of 04:05 AM CST
                              1600 Watts, small, lightweight, mighty…
                                Size: 7.5 inches
                                Amazon.com Price: $ 140.00
                                As of 08:30 AM CST
                                Specifically designed for thinning hair…
                                  Size: 9.5 inches
                                  Amazon.com Price: $ 205.00
                                  As of 07:00 AM CST
                                  Designed for long, course and/or…
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