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Styling Products

Styling Products

    Size: 3.8 oz can
    Amazon.com Price: $ 2.99
    As of 11:20 AM CST
    Dry-touch flexible texturizing hairspray that holds…
      Size: 6.7 oz cans
      Amazon.com Price: $ 7.17
      As of 09:55 PM CST
      Revitalizes Hair; Leaves Hair Feeling…
      Size: 4 oz bottle
      Amazon.com Price: $ 8.99
      As of 11:35 AM CST
      Unique ultra-light formula for those…
        Size: 4 fl oz
        Amazon.com Price: $ 9.00
        As of 10:20 AM CST
        Repair, restore, detangle and defrizz…
        Size: 12 oz jar
        Amazon.com Price: $ 10.99
        As of 08:05 AM CST
          Coconut & Hibiscus Curl…
          Size: 6 oz bottle
          Amazon.com Price: $ 12.68
          As of 06:05 AM CST
              Provides heat protection…
          Size: 10.6 oz aerosol can
          Amazon.com Price: $ 12.88
          As of 06:45 PM CST
            This classic hairspray has…
            Size: 5.1 oz bottle
            Amazon.com Price: $ 17.93
            As of 01:40 PM CST
            Lightweight, hydrating styling cream seals…
              Size: 9.8 oz can
              Amazon.com Price: $ 18.99
              As of 01:28 AM CST
              Creating volume at the root;…
                Size: 3.4 oz bottle
                Amazon.com Price: $ 18.99
                As of 04:35 PM CST
                Restorative hair treatment; smooths each…
                Size: 0.5 oz stick
                Amazon.com Price: $ 19.00
                As of 05:40 AM CST
                Perfect for messy texture, groomed…
                  Size: 5.4 oz bottle
                  Amazon.com Price: $ 19.50
                  As of 06:15 AM CST
                  Contains subtle violet undertones to…
                  Size: 4 oz bottle
                  Amazon.com Price: $ 19.95
                  As of 06:15 AM CST
                  Marine mineral-enriched argan oil treatment…
                    Size: 3.4 oz bottle
                    Amazon.com Price: $ 20.00
                    As of 08:10 AM CST
                    Perfect for all hair types,…
                    Size: 2.2 oz travel size
                    Amazon.com Price: $ 22.00
                    As of 09:45 PM CST
                    Bigger, better, full-on glamour hair…
                      Size: 7.5 oz aerosol can
                      Amazon.com Price: $ 25.00
                      As of 02:10 PM CST
                      Provides all-day invisible hold in…
                        Size: 5.4 oz bottle
                        Amazon.com Price: $ 26.00
                        As of 09:15 AM CST
                        Leaves hair refreshed and volumized…
                          Size: 16.9 oz can
                          Amazon.com Price: $ 27.50
                          As of 09:00 AM CST
                            Enhances texture with long-lasting…
                          Size: 7.5 oz aerosol bottle
                          Amazon.com Price: $ 29.00
                          As of 02:00 PM CST
                          Delivers big volume and texture…
                          Size: 5.1 oz tube
                          Amazon.com Price: $ 32.34
                          As of 08:40 AM CST
                          Heat-activated reconstructing cream for brittle, dry,…
                            Size: 3.4 oz bottle
                            Amazon.com Price: $ 34.99
                            As of 05:40 AM CST
                            Moroccanoil is an ultra-light formula…
                            Size: 5.7 oz can
                            Amazon.com Price: $ 39.00
                            As of 06:00 AM CST
                            A hydrating mousse that adds…
                              Size: 5 fl oz bottle
                              Amazon.com Price: $ 39.99
                              As of 06:35 AM CST
                              A leave-in conditioner formulated with…
                                Size: 5.9 oz bottle
                                Amazon.com Price: $ 42.00
                                As of 03:00 PM CST
                                A blend of Brazilian extracts,…
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