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Choosing the Best Skincare Products for Your Specific Needs

Vanessa Hathaway
Founder, Your Custom Beauty


Does the thought of shopping for new skincare products overwhelm, if not straight-up panic, you?  If so, you’re not alone!  The sheer number of products to choose from is staggering and the marketing hype and pie-in-the-sky claims are enough to bewilder even the most sensible of us.  So, if you are interested in finding the most effective products for your individual skincare needs, relax… you’ve come to the right place.



  • First and foremost, you need to know your actual skin type Is your skin normal, dry, oily, or combination (dry cheeks with an oily T zone)? Keep in mind, many women mistake their true skin type as a result of product misuse.

Is your skin really dry and sensitive? Or is it actually dehydrated and environmentally sensitized?

Acne-prone? Or red, raw, and broken out due to aggressive exfoliation, over-medicating, and then over-moisturizing the subsequent dryness?

Product misuse or overzealous use of everything from exfoliants to retinol to benzoyl peroxide can cause severe skin reactions (redness, flaking, burning, inflammation, etc.) that make it difficult to correctly identify your skin type. Additionally, your skin type may change depending on a variety of factors, including the weather, your age, hormones, and stress.


  • Next, what are your specific skin concerns — acne, sun damage, wrinkles, rosacea, or are you primarily interested in preventative care to avoid premature aging? It’s also extremely important to know if you are allergic to any common skincare ingredients.


  • You also need to consider the environment and climate where you live or spend most of your time.  Do you live in an area that experiences distinct seasons? If so, you may need to adjust your skincare routine depending on the time of year.  If you live in an urban, metropolitan area, you must be hyper-vigilant about protecting your skin from environmental assaults such as carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles and industrial pollution.


  • Finally, what is your lifestyle? Do you travel frequently and/or experience extreme temperatures and altitudes? How much time do you spend outdoors? How much sleep do you get on average?


All of these things and more can have a substantial effect on your skin and how you care for it.


To determine your true skin type and find the best skincare products for your particular needs, take the Your Custom Beauty Skincare Quiz.

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